Fishing in Panama  with the Big Game Fishing Club

A sports fishing club at Boca Brava island - Panama located in Central America  
World class fishing in Pacific Ocean on Coiba  island at the mouth of Hannibal, along the Monosa islands  

  • Big Game Class Sport Fishing
  • Coastal fishing and jigging fishing popping fishing
  • Deep Ocean fishing
  • Fly fishing
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Our Sport Fishing Club is located on the island of Boca Brava, just an hour by car from the second largest city in Panama David Chirica Province. We offer accommodation with all facilities in the jungle with the diverting live style of the tropics, with all that friendly people and beautiful scenery. There is wonderful views that are revealed from our club house to the Pacific Ocean with plenty of islands, and wide coastline with amazing sunsets and having as a background those songs of howler monkeys coming from the nearby jungle.
Our prestige position in the coastal jungle varies of wildlife. These natural wonders help our club of sport fishing to be incomparable place on earth. Here with us you will experience your dream vacation will have lots of fishing you will relax in the tropical jungle surroundings and enjoy quality cuisine. The fishing is great all year round !

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Variety of species for fishing: black marlin, blue marlin, skipjack marlin, tuna, sailfish, oahu, Mahi-mahi , Red snapper , Reef Ocean Perch , yellow perch, Asp amberjack , jack crevalle fish, blue jack, Spanish mackerel, gilt-head (sea) bream (Dorado), yellowfin tuna and others. species.
Fishing Season

From January until April

  •  VIP service as soon as your arrival at the airport of Tucuman. You will be expected by a representative of Big Game Fishing Club waiting you to the Ladder of the airplane. He will assist you in the immigration office when composing the necessary documents and will accompany you to the VIP room where you will enjoy refreshing drinks while your luggage will be received and will go through customs.
  •  All transfers to the airport and island travels by plane.
  • Special twin-diesel engine yacht for sport fishing with room for up to 4 people onboard fishing.

• Experienced captain and captain assistant.
• Lunch and alcoholic beverages on board.
• Bungalows class "Luxurious" - an area of ​​60 square meters with air conditioning.
• Food and alcoholic beverages with an outdoor bar in the private Club House. Our skilled chefs will cook everything you order. The menu for the next day will be made of your choice, cooked on the evening of the previous day.
Additionally will be charged:
• International flight to Panama.

• Tips for the captain and assistant.
• Government taxes of Panama - 10% of the total cost of the trip.
• Additional days of stay in the city of Panama City. Must be pre-paid 45 days before starting the trip.

* Please note that to receive visa for Panama, your passport must be valid at least 6 months from the date of your entry into the country.
Yachts for Fishing

9.5 meter twin diesel sport fishing yachts. Fishing tackle of high class. Experienced captain and assistant. Lunch and alcoholic beverages on board.
Accommodation - Bungalows class "luxury"

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Four bungalows with two bedrooms (16/20 people). Each bungalow can be customized, furnished with single or double beds. The bungalows are located in the jungle. The area of the bungalow is 62 square meters, having all the facilities - central air conditioning, bathroom, living room, porch. A bungalow is suitable for 4 people, with option for accommodation for a fifth person to camp bed. The bungalows are equipped with TV, DVD, iPods, refrigerator with soft drinks, coffee machine class "Luxury", bathroom, sofas and comprehensive furniture.

The Club House
Our club house for fishermen offers you::

A bar equipped with 55" TV , panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and nearby islands. In front of The club house there is a swimming pool with floating bar and high-tech entertainment systems. High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the resort, as well as colour printers, photo printers and scanners, fax and copy machines.
* If you want on the very first day of your arrival to visit the "Club" on the island of Boca Brava, you must plan your arrival in Panama City not later than 13.30 o`clock. To avoid additional stay at night in Panama City, the flight from Panama must not be earlier than 13.30 h
Upon arrival later than 13:30 and back to Panama earlier than 13:30 you need to schedule additional nights at a hotel in Panama City.

Transfer to the Club.
After arriving in Panama City at the airport Tucuman and meeting to the airplane ladder, guests wait in the VIP room, after that they are taken and transported by car to an airplane flight from Panama City to David city on the Pacific coast (flight time 1 hour and 10 m). After arrival in the city of David, guests will be transported by a car that will take them to the Marine Station


With the water taxi for 1 hour you will arrive to the island of Boca Brava.


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